Quality of life and health

Having energy and energy to spare on an everyday basis is an important factor for our quality of life. Health too is also very much about the individual’s sense of well-being. We therefore focus on both physical and mental health.

Esbjerg Municipality is an active partner in “Bevæg dig for livet” (Keep moving for a better lifestyle) and “Røgfri Fremtid” (No-smoking future). The WHO has also designated Esbjerg as Denmark’s first senior-friendly municipality.


The city council’s strategic initiatives towards 2025:


  • We can be better off through prevention and by being prepared
    We all have a responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle and look after ourselves. Prevention is better than cure, both in human and economic terms. There should be space in everyone’s daily life for increased physical activity, no matter people's age. We aim to ensure that fewer people smoke, promote increased well-being, contribute to healthy eating habits and help combat stress. Healthy choices should be easy choices.


  • Well-being in green surroundings
    We are bringing nature into our towns with urban oases, inspiring footpaths and cycling routes that will make every day greener. More trees means more fresh air, beautifies towns and makes going out for a walk a more attractive option. Trees also absorb CO2, which helps to prevent global warming.

  • Sharing the responsibility for health
    Strong partnerships and collaborations across the various disciplines should permeate the way we think about health, in order to provide the best support for the sick, disabled and their families. We are combating social inequality in public health with targeted initiatives, collaborating towards proactivity so that the right options are available when the need arises.

  • Better service with digital welfare
    Digital welfare solutions are being developed and tested together with our citizens. Many people associate well-being with the ability to take care of oneself. Digital welfare solutions also bring quality and efficiency to our initiatives, freeing up resources for those citizens that do require assistance. We want to make it possible for people to take care of themselves by using modern solutions, but without sacrificing personal contact.

Ambitions for our future

Quality of life and welfare should be a permanent fixture in people’s lives. Looking towards 2025, we will be reinforcing our healthcare partnerships, going to particular lengths to use our resources intelligently through prevention and innovative solutions.

We are continuing our broader collaborations with a view towards establishing the right frameworks that will allow people to live healthy and active lives.

The Global Goals

Naturally, we will meet The Global Goals. 


Within this initiative, this is the most relevant goal: 


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