Green lifestyles and sustainability

Many citizens are currently contributing towards green conversion. On the business side of things, Energy Metropolis Esbjerg is focusing on green energy.

We have a wealth of experiences in nature such as the global heritage Wadden Sea, but we still face increasing challenges as a result of climate change. 


The city council’s strategic initiatives towards 2025:

  • Green EnergyMetropolis and green towns
    We ensure the framework for energy production and support green conversion. As EnergyMetropolis we are working to influence the national agenda and expand international collaborations, such as with other global energy cities. That Esbjerg city is Denmark's green EnergyMetropolis should be a visible and tangible part of the urban scene. Being an EnergyMetropolis is not just a brand, it is the way we act, work and live. We are creating green oases throughout the municipality, so green planting can bind more CO2  while at the same time ensuring that our towns are more visually attractive.
  • Innovative climate adaptation
    We want to be a climate municipality and take the lead in green conversion, including by reducing CO2 emissions and choosing sustainable energy solutions. Climate change has become a new part of our everyday lives and together with the neighbouring municipalities we will work to reduce its consequences, such as increased sea levels. Broad collaborations are the way forward and we commit ourselves and each other to live up to global climate agreements and conventions.


  • Sustainable solutions
    It should be easy for citizens to be climate-conscious consumers. Green entrepreneurs and other firebrands with sustainable and technical powerful solutions need good conditions. More people should choose more CO2-friendly forms of transport so we can strengthen collective traffic and we are working, among other things, to revert to electrically powered means of transport. Our consumption of resources in the municipality should be coloured by circular principles, which suppliers and partners must also live up to.


  • Climate on the school timetable
     Already from a young age, our children need to be informed about energy, climate, environmental and green alternatives so that they can develop into responsible consumers. Climate issues are therefore being integrated into state school education, which is a good match with the municipality's focus on energy and natural science competences.

Ambitions for our future

We want to be a green and pioneering municipality, which shows a good example on taking responsibility for the climate. We are therefore focusing on responsible energy production and on optimising citizens’ opportunities to become climate-conscious consumers, already from an early age.

We need to further develop our collaboration with citizens, educational institutions and the business community to create a green Energy Metropolis so that we pay greater attention to modern and environmentally friendly solutions that will ensure responsible growth and reduce wasted resources.

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