Energy in everyday life

Our municipality is characterised by a high standard of welfare. Here we place priority on the areas which are important if we are to create a secure, well-functioning everyday life.

The city council’s strategic initiatives towards 2025:


  • Urban development and greater numbers of citizens
    We aim to strengthen our already cohesive and effective infrastructure. Our planning will encourage investors to both build attractive homes with high architectural value and ensure cheap rental properties, to include everyone. The increasing demand for senior housing must be covered. Green areas will be created in both larger and smaller towns. If we are to attract more people to live here, we need to be good at both attracting and welcoming the people who move here, be they from elsewhere in Denmark, or from abroad. We must pay particular attention, however, towards ensuring that more people continue to live in the municipality, which can only be achieved if everyday life is well-functioning.


  • Play, learning and creativity
    In a family-friendly municipality like ours, children should have a secure framework in which they feel able to be creative and curious, where they can develop a good understanding of themselves and the world around them. Children are not just looked after but given the opportunity to develop in exciting learning environments where there is also space for play, experimentation and just being a child. Families should experience a high standard of service and good quality leisure opportunities for people of all ages.


  • The best school system in Denmark
    Learning should be both fun and exciting and we use innovative teaching methods and examine experience from abroad towards the further development of our schools, which we give high priority. Digital sophistication and understanding technology are part of our agenda for schools. We are firm in our desire to give our youngsters 21st Century Learning Skills, to give them competencies that will serve them well in the future, ensuring that they have suitable abilities in areas such as critical thinking and global partnerships. We also retain focus on pupils’ welfare, ensuring that digital and human relations are in balance.​


  • Energy and influence for life
    We intend to create the framework for a healthy and energetic life for everyone. Esbjerg is being transformed into a youthful town, with a strong environment for all young people. Students here can let their inhibitions go and then settle down later on. Energy has no age, so we collaborate with associations and cultural stakeholders etc. to create the best framework for a healthy and exciting leisure culture to benefit all, regardless of age. Everyone should be able to contribute towards the development of the municipality through voluntary work and involvement as residents.

Ambitions for our future

We aim to be the municipality with the best-functioning everyday life.

We are therefore future-proofing our welfare to make the municipality an attractive place to live.

The Global Goals

Naturally, we will meet The Global Goals. 


Within this initiative, these are the most relevant goals: 


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