Cultural life in town and in nature

The diversity of our cultural life helps to bind our municipality together, while our urban life and attractive cultural offerings bring energy to our daily lives.

Our local communities are strongly cohesive. Even in our larger towns, we have been able to maintain a village proximity, which makes it possible to quickly translate ideas into action. The Wadden Sea and Mandø global heritage areas offer unique experiences, which allow nature to be experienced raw, in unsweetened urban green environments.


The city council’s strategic initiatives towards 2025:

  • Diverse cultural activities
    We want to strengthen our collaborations and engage in partnerships that can help to expand our existing cultural offerings or to contribute towards the creation of new cultural flagships that are also able to attract visitors from afar. Culture must be available to all and our cultural offerings are intended to complement exciting and creative tuition for children and young people. We have the courage to tread new paths and to experiment. Firebrands who generate energy and create great experiences should be encouraged and supported.


  • Life and energy in urban and local communities
    Cities become more spontaneous and lively when culture becomes part of the urban scene. Cultural institutions should be present at street level, while more spontaneous events and urban art also feature on our wish list. We are extending our already good framework, to both create and experience culture and events. Citizens, local councils, associations and the public must work together to strengthen local culture throughout the municipality.


  • Accessible natural experiences
    It should be easy for citizens to gain an overview of the many opportunities where they can enjoy interesting natural experiences and energy boosts in green surroundings. Nature is also a sports arena that encourages an active outdoor lifestyle. Everyone should be able to get out and experience natural treasures like the Wadden Sea. Visits are of course on nature-positive terms. Any disabilities should not be an obstacle to natural experiences, so we ensure maximum access. Natural experiences are a fixed part of our learning options in day care, schools and other institutions. All citizens can be inspired towards an active everyday life.

Ambitions for our future

A blossoming of culture will be a source of joy and pride throughout the municipality and will put us on the cultural map. We need to think culture into every aspect of life. We ensure accessibility for all.

We want to support experiences that match our unique qualities in our various towns and natural areas.