Community and diversity

Communities are broad-ranging, from a strong tradition of associations to the active citizens who want to make a difference, for example as volunteers in social initiatives.

As an international municipality, we will be enriched with inspiration and new knowledge from outside.


The city council’s strategic initiatives towards 2025:


  • Communities instead of loneliness
    We want to prevent and combat loneliness. It should also be easy to bring people together in equal interest communities for their entire lives. Associations and social networks should therefore be strengthened. This is a joint effort. Our strong communities have the space for innovative networks that are the product of new, transversal forms of partnership.

  • Optimal frameworks for volunteers
    Active fellow citizens and volunteers are an invaluable resource. We have very high ambitions to create optimal frameworks for all who are trying to make a difference. Everyone should be able to contribute according to their ability, interest and available time. We are therefore introducing ad-hoc volunteerism, where anybody can help, even if they are unwilling to commit long-term.

  • Diversity in our international municipality
    Everyone should have the same opportunities, regardless of gender, age and ethnic background. Diversity should be considered a strength and a good basis for respectful collaboration. We welcome Danish and international new citizens, who should be given the ability to fit in and become part of the community. The business community urgently needs international recruitment, which is why our attractive international environment needs to be further developed.


  • Space for all
    Many people are taking care of themselves and coming together in valuable communities, but we must not ignore the fact that some of us face difficulties. We could all find ourselves in a difficult life situation, but in our accommodating municipality we make sure that there is a place and help for all. We have a social responsibility, collaborating transversally and with external partners to prevent risk, break down taboos, break negative social heritage and help people who need support.

Ambitions for our future

We want to continue to be a spacious and diverse municipality with room for all and surplus energy to treat each other decently. '

The international mindset is being reinforced and our social and voluntary communities are given support. The way we create communities and networks is being rethought. We are also exploiting digital options.

The Global Goals

Naturally, we will meet The Global Goals. 


Within this initiative, these are the most relevant goals: 


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