Sustainable EnergyMetropolis

Esbjerg occupies a strong position in the energy sector.

We now need to be at the forefront of a development that is moving in the direction of more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient methods in terms of both energy production and how energy is used.


  • In coming years, energy production will continue to be one of our primary business areas. We want to continue to attract companies that focus on production through oil/gas, wind turbines and biogas. We want to collaborate with the municipality's businesses and with the harbour at Esbjerg Havn towards transitioning to more sustainable and effective methods of extracting resources.


  • The field of energy use is seeing significant developments towards more sustainable solutions, through new technologies, changing business models and incentives. We want to work in a targeted way to attract both entrepreneurs and companies that work in the energy consumption industry.


  • We want to set a number of measures in motion to bring existing and new energy companies closer together, through innovative research and training. This collaboration can generate growth and synergy transversally, strengthening companies’ access to qualified labour. At a global level, we want to take advantage of our commitment in the World Energy Cities Partnership, which unites the global energy sector elite.


  • We want to be one of the most climate-friendly municipalities, supporting the development and application of new intelligent and sustainable energy solutions.

Esbjerg's strong position in the energy sector is being further developed so that we can focus on several different energy sources, working towards greater sustainability in energy production and consumption.