Qualified labour force for all

In recent years, many Danish companies have faced and are still facing challenges when it comes to attracting the workforce they need. We do not want companies in our municipality to find themselves in this situation.

We want to ensure that our labour market is in balance, with a healthy correlation between the needs of the business community and residents with the right skills.

  • We can only achieve our shared ambitions through strong and committed partnerships. We will therefore be maintaining and expanding our strong partnerships between the municipality, the business  community, educational institutions and labour market stakeholders. We will continue to plan, initiate and follow up on the shared initiatives.


  • To be able to support recruitment by companies, we need insights into their workforce requirements, so that we can ensure that competences are developed in the right disciplines. We will therefore be engaging more closely with businesses, as well as using forecasting tools that will allow us to be ahead of developments.


  • We are focusing on helping all young people to get off to a good start with training and employment. Everyone should also be able to acquire new competencies to match demand, on an ongoing basis. We will therefore be working alongside educational institutions to offer companies and citizens more flexible ways of developing competences.


  • To help unemployed people with special challenges to start training and get them into employment, we will be entering into special partnerships with companies and educational institutions. Together, we can create the framework that will help citizens in vulnerable situations to also be able to contribute to the community through meaningful employment.


  • In a close cooperation between municipality, the business community, educational institutions and public sector stakeholders, we want to build the best possible framework with a view to attracting an international workforce. We think across municipal borders in order to strengthen recruitment opportunities throughout Southern Denmark. One of our collaborations is with the Work Live Stay Southern Denmark association. We want to ensure that the international newcomers are welcomed both at the workplace and in the municipality, by offering an attractive international environment and good quality leisure facilities.

We want to promote growth in the business community by optimising their opportunities to attract qualified labour.