Optimum conditions for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs build the industries, jobs and partnerships of the future.

Esbjerg Municipality is known as a place where the road from ideas to actions is short. It is therefore natural that we should build on our proactive foundation and take a leading position in entrepreneurship. Our goal is to have more new entrepreneurs every year and to see increased growth in the entrepreneurial sector.


  • We want to build the foundations for future entrepreneurs as a partnership between Esbjerg Municipality, Business Esbjerg, knowledge and educational institutions and private stakeholders. With common, cohesive and systematic efforts, we can support the development of entrepreneurs from their initial embryonic dreams and ideas until they have grown into well-established companies.


  • Together with educational institutions and the business community, we want to develop natural transitions from training to life as entrepreneur.


  • We want to make it attractive to become an entrepreneur in Esbjerg Municipality, so we are giving our good opportunities for entrepreneurs a high profile. We want to have a particular focus on attracting entrepreneurs who are a good match to our special positions of strength in energy and IT.


  • As a municipality, we want to put entrepreneurship on the school timetable, thus planting the seeds for the next generations of entrepreneurs. As an open, collaborative municipality, we want to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to test out their products and services at an early stage.


  • Our entrepreneurs should experience strong local support so they can find good sparring or joint project partners, gain access to capital or find customers.

Esbjerg needs to be one of the municipalities that is best at attracting, motivating and supporting entrepreneurs.