Northern Europe’s digital hub

Fibre cable connections like the Mermaid cable to the North America, North Sea Connect to the United Kingdom and the Cobra cable to the Netherlands will mean that Esbjerg is seriously plugged into the global digital infrastructure.

We have proved that we can deliver a reliable and climate-friendly energy supply and now want to take advantage of our large growth potential as a new IT business hub.

  • We want to attract more data centres and IX enterprises (internet infrastructure) and take advantage of the fact that they provide great opportunities for follow-on business for our local companies. As a new digital hub, we can also create a basis for additional IT companies to establish themselves in the area. We will ensure that we have the capacity and resources to be competitive on the global market. 


  • The young, digital growth industry is a place with many new requirements and business potential. We want to contribute to the ability of our local companies to pursue these new opportunities. We want to enter into partnerships so that we can identify potential new growth areas for our businesses.

  • We want our digital hub and data centres to serve as the impetus for a new digital agenda in Esbjerg Municipality. We will work to bring additional digital education opportunities to Esbjerg, so that we can train more people with digital competencies.


  • If we are to succeed in achieving our potential in the IT sector, we must lead as a municipality, but we cannot do this on our own. We will therefore ally ourselves with a number of partners who have insight and an interest in helping Esbjerg to become Northern Europe’s digital hub.

Esbjerg's next growth adventure will be in the digital sphere. New opportunities will arise in the form of data centres and cross-Atlantic digital infrastructures, which we are ready to take advantage of.