More citizens

We aim to ensure annual population growth through initiatives that make our municipality a more attractive place to live and work.

  • We want to work with special initiatives that are targeted at students, new graduates, commuters, incoming foreigners, people who move here from nearby and families with children. We want to customise solutions to the various target groups, in connection with their relocation to and departure from the municipality.


  • We aim to create and make visible the attractive job opportunities we have in the area by working together with the business community. For those completing a qualification or training in Esbjerg Municipality, transitioning to a job in the area should be the natural choice.

  • We want to give our new citizens a warm welcome, no matter whether they move here from abroad or from elsewhere in Denmark and we want to ensure that everyone who moves here quickly feels at home and that they are part of the community. New networks are crucial to new residents, so we will work purposely alongside citizens, companies and associations towards initiatives that form relationships.

  • We want to make our citizens proud to be a part of our community here in the municipality. If they want to share the positive narrative about living here, it will be good for our image. We therefore want to make it easy to share the positive message and we are reinforcing the good core story about life in Esbjerg Municipality.

More citizens​

We want to ensure that more current residents stay here and that more people move here.