Esbjerg as an attractive city of education

Attractive educational options allow us to attract young people to the area, where we ensure that they are thriving and have great opportunities for a good transition to their first job.

Students should experience a good study environment and they contribute to create life and development in the area. We go to extra lengths to ensure that they stay on here after completing their courses. 


  • Esbjerg needs to be known and recognised as a town for education, that is not only a natural choice for young people from the south-west Jutland area, but that is also able to attract students from elsewhere in Denmark and from abroad. At the same time, the educational options that we offer need to be naturally compatible with the current and future requirements of the business community. This means that we need to work both strategically and politically to ensure that Esbjerg offers the right selection of qualifications.


  • Esbjerg Municipality’s schools and educational institutions should be associated with high practical quality standards, at every level. This is why we need to establish even stronger relationships with the business community and the public labour market. Students should have the opportunity while qualifying to get close to the issues faced by and the options available from the business community. We need to build relationships between students, businesses and public institutions, to ensure a flexible transition from education to job.


  • To ensure that young people consider Esbjerg to be an attractive town in which to study, we continue to work towards strengthening the framework for a good student life. Among other things, we want to provide the guarantees for student housing, develop our culture and leisure offering and pave the way for study-relevant spare-time employment.


  • Young people need to be kept well-informed about their various training opportunities and be guided in the right direction. During the course of their education, we need to offer a coherent and flexible education system with natural connections between the various levels of education. To reach these goals, we need to strengthen our study advisory services and ensure close and committed partnerships between state schools and educational institutions. 

Esbjerg should be known as an attractive place to study, where there are good job opportunities after completing education so we can attract more Danish and international students each year.