A strong tourism destination by the Wadden Sea

The tourism sector is seeing strong growth and we are exploiting our full potential by further developing the town of Ribe as a tourist magnet and pursue the opportunities it offers thanks to its central location by the Wadden Sea and the beaches.

Tourism can bring growth to the area all by itself. Greater numbers of visitors also mean other positive effects. With more visitors in the area we can, for example, hold greater numbers of cultural and nature-oriented events, as visiting tourists contribute towards achieving critical mass. Trade and catering can see a boost. Tourists who consider Esbjerg Municipality as an attractive destination could help to disseminate positive narratives about the municipality.


  • We want to assume leadership in partnership with our neighbouring municipalities so that we can work together to create a robust, cohesive and competitive tourist destination. This requires cohesive power and increased collaboration in marketing, product development, logistics and planning. In this way, we can increase the number of tourists who visit both Esbjerg Municipality and the entire whole Wadden Sea region.  


  • We want to continue to develop our current attractions and events and take advantage of the fact that we already occupy a strong position with destinations in Esbjerg, Ribe and in our unique nature. Our ambition is to have at least five attractions or experiences in the region that have international pulling power. These attractions can function as beacons to bring more tourists to the area.


  • We want to strengthen our position in conference and business tourism. This must be done in close partnership with the business community, in a manner that allows us to develop a profile that matches and supports the general business profile of the local area. We are therefore expanding our facilities and functions, so that we have the required capacity for conferences and accommodation. 


  • We want to ensure that the initiatives we implement are linked to the trends which characterise the global tourism of the future. Our point of departure should be the preferences of the modern tourist, focusing on sustainability as a recurring theme.

We are collaborating with neighbouring municipalities to create a unified tourist destination for south-west Jutland by the Wadden Sea. Esbjerg Municipality is taking the leading role when it comes to bringing about a cross-municipality tourism initiative.