Vision 2025 - Energising Life

The vision for our future municipality

Our “Energising Life” header signals that we, as a municipality, already have a strong foundation and that we have the potential to achieve even greater things when we combine our forces. At the same time, we are focusing on our particular strengths in the energy sector.


In the business context, Esbjerg is known as an Energy Metropolis. The concept of energy is also relevant in a much wider sense, however. The entire municipality buzzes with energy between the people who live here. This is a place where there is plenty of willingness to take action and explore new roads. Business-wise, we occupy a special position of strength in the energy sector and, in the future, a new type of energy will define the municipality, in the form of digital infrastructure. We are constantly developing in a more sustainable direction, and it is our ambition that everyone should be able to experience and contribute to the energy in Esbjerg Municipality.


Energy and collaboration are key to the further development of the municipality, in relation to both welfare and growth. Our citizens need to be involved, to have a say and to be given the opportunity to get involved on a voluntary basis. We can create further growth in terms of business as we ensure close and respectful collaborations between citizens, businesses, educational institutions and other partners.


Esbjerg Municipality and Business Esbjerg both agree that our partnerships on the initiative areas that are described in Vision 2025 will create growth and attract additional people to live in the municipality.

Vision 2025 – Liveability: Energy for life

  • Energy in everyday life
    Our aim is to be the municipality with the best-functioning everyday life, with quality welfare benefits, infrastructure, housing, digitalisation and our particular focus on attractive schools and leisure offerings.
  • Quality of life and health
    We prioritise quality of life and well-being and engage in broad health sector collaborations, with particular focus on physical and mental health. Our municipality should have the best offerings available to all age groups, so we are working on initiatives ranging from everyday movement to digital welfare.
  • Cultural life in town and in nature
    We are strengthening our diverse cultural structure throughout the municipality and getting the framework in place to provide impressive natural experiences. A blossoming of culture will be a source of joy and pride throughout the municipality and will put us on the cultural map.
  • Community and diversity
    We aim to be an international and accommodating municipality with strong communities, associations and networks. There should be space here for everyone and fewer people should ever experience loneliness.
  • Green lifestyles and sustainability
    We are leaders as a green pioneering municipality, where sustainability and innovative climate solutions are given priority.

Vision 2025 - Liveability



Vision 2025 – Growth: Energy for Development

  • More citizens
    We are committed to ensuring annual population growth.

  • Esbjerg as an attractive town for qualifications
    We are further developing Esbjerg as a town for students, creating annual growth in the number of young people in education and ensuring a smooth transition from education to first job.

  • Qualified labour force for all
    We support businesses in their recruitment, through training and the attraction of a Danish and international labour force.


  • Sustainable Energy Metropolis
    We are supplementing our already strong energy profile with a strategic focus on sustainable energy production and use.


  • Northern Europe’s digital hub
    With a fibre cable connection to North America, Esbjerg will be a digital infrastructure hub and we are prepared to exploit this potential for growth in the IT sector.

  • A strong tourism destination by the Wadden Sea
    We have taken the leading position in a cross-municipality tourism initiative that puts the Wadden Sea region on the world map, centring industrial tourism in Esbjerg.

  • Optimum conditions for entrepreneurs
    We prioritise entrepreneurship, both giving local firebrands optimum conditions and attracting new entrepreneurs. 

Vision 2025 - Growth

Energy for life

Read how we will ensure that we offer an attractive municipality. 


Energy for development

Read how we will boost growth. 


More citizens

Overall, these common initiatives will make our municipality more attractive, so that more people want to come to live and work here.